why meditate?

The answer to this question can only come from you. For me, meditation clears away the clutter of repetitive thoughts so that I can tap into a deeper knowing about myself and about how I show up in the world. I am better able to respond, not just react, to what comes at me. Meditation opens up space for wisdom and compassion to emerge. That space connects me to my truth.

Space = Freedom.

How would you answer? Here are four steps to try as you consider that question:



 Slowing down. Coming to a full stop. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Being here. Noticing what you feel, see, and hear, but not reacting. Noticing your thoughts, but not trying to figure anything out. Just letting everything be as it is. What is that like?


Focusing on the sensations of the breath flowing in and out. Is it fast or slow, deep or shallow? No need to breathe any particular way. The point is to bring your attention to the breath just as it is. Allowing the rhythm of the breath to bring you into the present moment.


Tuning into the sensations of the body. Using the breath to guide your attention through your body, from toes to head, exploring whatever is there. If thoughts come, that's normal. See if you can bring your attention back to the body and let the brain rest.


The benefits of meditation build with regular practice of bringing our attention to the present. Every moment of awareness is a chance to start anew, to align our actions with our deepest intentions. We don't have to respond to our challenges in the same way we did yesterday.